Reliable Management Solutions Announces Supply Chain Partnership with Local Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Reno, NV

Reliable Management Solutions (RMS), a leading provider of customized logistics solutions, announced their partnership this week with Clickbio, Gripbell, Hinge Hanger Plus, and Peep No More at their Distribution Center in Reno, NV.


What do Clickbio, Gripbell, Hinge Hanger Plus, and Peep No More have in common? These recently founded companies are contributing to our city’s fast growing entrepreneurial scene. These companies also share a challenge, one that is common amongst product-based startups: creating and managing an effective supply chain.


“As Reno’s entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to thrive, we are seeing more and more product based companies. As an entrepreneur myself, I want to influence the course and success of these local startups,” said Dong Min, RMS’ CFO and an active volunteer mentor in the Summit Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) program. “While working with companies in Summit VMS, it became apparent that product-based startups were consistently encountering challenges in regards to their supply chain. There are few third-party logistics companies that are willing to educate and take on startups as a client.”


Enter Reliable Management Solutions (RMS). Though founded in 2004, RMS opened their first full service warehouse in Reno, NV in March of this year. “We are expanding not only the types of distribution and logistics services that we provide, but also the industries and the organizations that we support through those services, due to an increase in the number of businesses looking to outsource their warehousing and distribution services in Northern Nevada,” said Ryan Peirce, Managing Member of RMS. “As a locally founded company ourselves, we are thrilled to be partnering with local entrepreneurs.”


RMS will provide all standard warehousing services, including receiving, storage, order fulfillment, consolidation, and many other value added services. The distribution center location, which is in south Reno, was strategically selected based on its convenient location near major roadways.



About Clickbio

Clickbio was founded in 2014 by laboratory automation industry veterans Craig Vincze, Ph.D., and physicist Mykle Gaynor in the emerging global tech center of Reno, Nevada. Through their years of customer contact in the laboratory automation industry, Craig and Mykle came to realize that the scientific research community had many needs that weren’t being fulfilled by off-the-shelf labware. Together, they set out to reimagine the lab plasticware market with an eye toward creating smarter labware by design, and delivering it with speed, simplicity, and convenience.

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About Gripbell

In response to the increased demand for innovative and unique fitness equipment, Gripbell, an innovative 3-in-1 workout tool, was developed by BarXbell, LLC in 2015. Their successful Kickstarter campaign was recognized as part of the top one percent of Kickstarter campaigns, exceeding the initial funding goal by 1,704% within 4 weeks and has raised $340K.

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About Hinge Hanger Plus

The Hinge Hanger Plus is an innovative invention designed to create space. It connects to a basic door hinge, creating a stable and versatile structure that can support a variety of items. The Hinge Hanger Plus was an idea born out of necessity and practicality to address the need for more space in most homes.

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About Peep No More

Peep No More is the first and only hands-free and automatic occupancy sign for public restroom stalls. It is inexpensive, maintenance-free, durable, and can easily be installed on all exiting stalls. After two and a half years of meticulous research and development, various prototypes, and extensive field testing, the Peep No More signs are now available!

For more information about Peep No More, visit


About Summit Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)

Founded in 2014, Summit Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) is the first regional high performance mentorship program based on the proven success of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Venture Mentoring Service. The program was formed to support innovation and entrepreneurial activity throughout the region by connecting emerging high potential entrepreneurs with a team of experienced mentors. Summit VMS is focused on supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and ventures throughout the Northern Sierra Region including Reno, Carson City, and the Lake Tahoe area. Summit VMS is an initiative of The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) and the broader business and academic community of Northern Nevada.

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About Reliable Management Solutions

Since 2004, Reliable Management Solutions (RMS) has provided customized logistics solutions to meet the demands of our partners. We partner with companies of all sizes throughout the country. While generating value through cost reduction and optimization, RMS allows our partners to focus on their core competencies.

RMS is a growing company with deeply rooted company values. We started as a small logistics company in 2004 in Reno, NV. The company began to expand outside of Northern Nevada in 2005, and has been focused on controlled growth over the last decade. We pride ourselves in having a personal touch with our partners, building relationships, and providing the

highest level of customer service.

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